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Research registration: Good advice on how to create your researcher profile

Published: 09.04.2019 (Last revised: 10.04.2019)

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The VBN Research Portal is a platform for dissemination of research carried out by, or in collaboration with, Aalborg University. The platform displays research information from Pure, the research management system that has been used for research registration since 2003. Confidential or otherwise protected information is not displayed in VBN. It is the responsibility of the individual researcher not to exhibit information that contravenes with the General Data Protection Regulation (e.g., in publications or datasets).

The following contains general advice on what a VBN researcher profile ought to contain, as well as additional possibilities. The contents of the profile pages depend on academic background, career step etc. This is reflected in e.g. information on H-index and citations.

The VBN Team recommends that all records and information in Pure and communicated via VBN be entered in both Danish and English. This will enhance the visibility of your research and researcher profile in connection with information searching. In this connection, it is worth noticing that the Fingerprints of the VBN Portal are based on English language thesauri (further below).


Basic information

The profile pages in the VBN Portal contain imported basic information. It is important that you verify the correctness of the imported information. You cannot edit the information yourself. In such cases, you have to contact your department. Basic information is:

  • Faculty affiliation
  • Department affiliation
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Telephone number

Individual information

In addition, it is possible for you to enter a number of individual pieces of information:

  • Profile texts
  • Research informations (publications, activities, projects, data sets, etc.)
  • CVs
  • Researcher IDs
  • Education
  • Links
  • Etc.


Research registration

At the VBN Team homepage (www.en.team.vbn.aau.dk), you will find detailed guides to different types of research registration.

Mandatory registration


  • In order to make your publications more visible in information searches, we recommend that metadata be added to all types of publications - i.e. summaries/abstracts that contain the main keywords, as well as free keywords. Read more about publications in Pure.
  • You can highlight you top-5 publications. Consequently, they will appear at the top of your publication list, regardless of publication year.
  • Open Access publications generate more traffic on your researcher profile. Read more about Open Access to publications in Pure.

Recommended entries

In order to strengthen the versatility of your researcher profile, we recommended that you - at minimum - enter the following information on a regular basis:


  • This refers to all types of projects carried out at AAU: Research projects, PhD projects, teaching projects, etc.
  • When you register your projects, remember to add all affiliated persons – internal as well as external.
  • In this connection, it is important to add metadata in terms of project description, keywords, and collaboration partners. Read more about projects in Pure.

Research activities

  • Registration of research activities include e.g. lectures, research visits/stays, attending conferences, peer-review activities, courses, memberships, external employment etc. Read more about activities in Pure.


Affiliation to other content in Pure

It is important that you link your entries to each other whenever relevant. For example, if a number of activities and press cuttings are related to a specific publication or project, you should state this under “Relations” when you fill in the entry. You do this at the bottom of the registration page.

For example, a project page in VBN will show all related content types (publications, activities, press cuttings, etc.). This will lead to increased visibility of the project’s academic and social impact, and promote those who are involved in the project.

Profile texts

It is possible for you to add different types of information that support strategic promotion and exposure of your researcher profile:

  • Research profile (free text)
  • Teaching profile (free text)
  • Administrative profile (free text) – also used by non-academic staff
  • Ph.d.-supervision (free text)

  • Free keywords: Your selection of keywords that specify your area of expertise

As the VBN Research Portal searches and displays all available VBN content, you should not leave out profile text and free keywords. These help to highlight your areas of expertise, research results, etc.

We recommend that you keep your reader in mind, and write in a language that aims at a wide audience. Avoid typos. Misspelled words are not recognized in a search.



The English fingerprint, which is linked to all profiles, is generated automatically based on your entries in Pure: Profile text(s), keywords, as well as information from publications (titles, summaries and related keywords). A number of academic thesauri feed the Fingerprint-engine.

You can turn off fingerprints if you like, or suppress individual terms. However, you cannot add terms yourself.



Traditional metrics: Citations and H-index

  • Citations and H-index are retrieved from Scopus
  • If the displayed H-index is lower than the one in Scopus, it may be due to insufficient registration of publications in Pure/VBN.
  • This feature can be turned on/off according to need.

New metrics: Altmetrics and PlumX

The VBN Portal contains several new or alternative metrics. These metrics detect all activities regarding publications in online media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, via blogs etc.)

  • Altmetrics and PlumX metrics are displayed along with the individual publications.
  • It is recommended that you attatch a DOI, in order to ensure identification of online activities surrounding publications and dataset.
  • In the upper right corner of your personal interface there is a summary of activities registered by PlumX (Plum analytics). This summary is visible only to the personal user or affiliated administrator.


Additional possibilities

There are a number of additional possibilities for including information in your researcher profile (check the VBN Team’s homepage) - for example:

Researcher CV

  • You can choose to display your Researcher CV. You can activate the feature in Pure
  • When you make new entries, you can import these to your CV automatically. Read more about CVs in Pure

Teaching portfolio

Researcher ID

  • It is possible to register and display researcher IDs in your profile
  • Orcid ID, Scopus, and ResercherID are usually displayed. However, you can add more if needed. Read more about the researcher IDs


  • You can add or change links to other websites as needed
  • We recommend that you check your links on a regular basis to make sure that they are active and correct

The VBN Team ensures the quality of research data registered in Pure. This applies particularly to validation of publications in preparation for the annual BFI harvest and Open Access Indicator. However, it is your responsibility to enter information correctly and to link correctly between content types. Registration and maintenance of all other profile content is the responsibility of the individual researcher.

The VBN Team is ready to assist with issues regarding Pure and setting up researcher profiles in VBN. We offer introductory courses to Pure and the VBN Research Portal, as well as courses in researcher promotion etc. All courses are announced through the university’s course catalogue.

Origin, background and history

Anne Lykke (al@aub.aau.dk) drew up this advice on behalf of the VBN Team, April 2019.

Purpose and delimitation

The VBN Research Portal at Aalborg University supports communication of research from Aalborg University, as well as promotion of the university’s researchers. The Research Portal is publicly available and used by a wide group of professionals and non-professionals.

Researchers at AAU all have an individual profile page in VBN. The responsibility of creating and maintaining a representative researcher profile, which can be used for strategic communication of research, lies with the individual researcher.

Here follows some good advice on creating and communicating research information, and other relevant content via VBN, which constitute the basis of a versatile researcher profile.

Overall framework

The recommendation is written in connection with the implementation of the new VBN standard portal for research April 2019.

Contact and responsibility

Contact the VBN Team: vbn@aub.aau.dk

Responsibility: Anne Lykke (al@aub.aau.dk)

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Target group

  • Det Humanistiske Fakultet
  • Det Ingeniør- og Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet
  • Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet
  • Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet
  • Ansatte på AAU
  • Det Tekniske Fakultet for IT og Design
  • Fælles Service
  • Institutter
  • Skoler
  • Studienævn


  • Fysiske forhold
  • Bolig til udenlandske studerende og ansatte
  • Byggeri og bygningsdrift
  • Fysisk arbejdsmiljø
  • Lejemål
  • Lokaler
  • Miljø
  • Sikkerhed
  • Udendørs arealer
  • Organisation
  • Forsikring
  • GDPR
  • Journalisering
  • Strategi og udvikling
  • Styrelsesspørgsmål
  • Styrende organer
  • Personale
  • Ansættelse
  • Arbejdsmiljø
  • Barsel
  • Ferie
  • Fratrædelse
  • Internationale medarbejdere
  • Kompetenceudvikling
  • Krænkende adfærd
  • Løn
  • Personalepolitik
  • Rekruttering
  • Samarbejde
  • Sygdom
  • Kommunikation
  • Design og logo
  • Intern kommunikation
  • Markedsføring
  • PR og presse
  • Sprog og oversættelse
  • Forskning
  • Forskningsregistrering i VBN
  • Input fra fakulteterne
  • Ph.d.
  • Økonomi
  • Anlæg
  • Bogholderi
  • Budget
  • e-handel
  • eforms
  • Indkøb
  • Projektøkonomi
  • Prophix
  • Qlikview
  • Regnskab
  • Rejser
  • RES
  • RUS2
  • Statistik
  • Økonomistyring
  • Uddannelse
  • Hjemmesider om uddannelse
  • Internationalisering
  • Klager dispensationer og disciplinære foranstaltninger
  • Kvalitetssikring og akkreditering
  • Optagelse orlov og udmeldelse
  • Undervisning eksamen og merit
  • IT
  • Hjemmesider
  • IT - diverse
  • IT Services
  • Scanpas-vejledninger


  • Politik
  • Procedure
  • Regel
  • Et godt råd
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