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CALDISS - Set of Rules

Politics and rules for CALDISS (Computational Analytics Laboratory for Digital Social Science)

Published: 03.09.2018 (Last revised: 11.09.2019)

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CALDISS has two rooms at Fibigerstræde 5; Room 37 and 41. Each room contains a number of hardware facilities and workstations, which are available for everyone with connection to the Faculty of Social Science at AAU. The two rooms  have different purposes, and the rules can therefore vary between the rooms.

Room 37 contains space for educational activities (workshops and presentations), and workstations for visualization, which are connected to either screens at the table or wall mounted touchscreens. When there are no educational activities, the room can be used as a study- and working environment, where the different workstations can be used.

Room 41 contains individually shielded computational workstations with access to various databases. These can be used by reservation.


As CALDISS’ rooms and facilities are available to anyone with connection to the Faculty of Social Science at AAU, we request you always show consideration for other users of the rooms. Students’ use of CALDISS’ rooms and facilities are besides these rules furthermore covered by Aalborg University’s rules about disciplinary precautions (https://www.haandbog.aau.dk/dokument/?contentId=349579).

You are given access to CALDISS’ rooms by filling out the access formula on CALDISS’ website (www.en.caldiss.aau.dk), assuming that you have an activated AAU-card. You will keep your access to the rooms, as long as you comply with the set of rules. Workstation can be reserved after granted access through the workstations’ associated resource calendars in Outlook. Available workstations that are not reserved can freely be used, but it is encouraged to always reserve a workstation, if you need one. The purpose of the following rules is to guarantee that everyone is given the opportunity to make use of CALDISS’ facilities and ensure proper use of these.

  • 1.1 You are granted access to CALDISS’ rooms by filling out the access formula on the CALDISS website: www.en.caldiss.aau.dk. Access is granted through your AAU-card.
  • 1.2 Workstations are reserved through their respective resource calendars in Outlook. Resource calendars are named according to the following format: caldiss-[name].
  • Be aware that CALDISS has different types of workstations, so be sure that you reserve the one, which is suited for your needs (read more on www.en.caldiss.aau.dk)

  • 1.3 Following limitations are effective for reservations of workstations:
    • You can at most reserve a workstation 7 hours a day.
    • You can at most reserve a workstation 3 days a week.
    • You can at the earliest reserve a workstation 4 weeks in advance.
    • You can at the latest reserve a workstation 48 hours in advance.
  • 1.4 Workstations and facilities are as principal rule used after reservation but may also be used, if they are free. People with reservation however always have first claim for the workstation.
  • 1.5 Room 37 can freely be used as work- and study environment, given there are no educational activities, and that the use is in accordance with CALDISS’ set of rules.
  • 1.6 Workstations and facilities can only be reserved by persons with connection to the Faculty of Social Science at AAU.
  • 1.7 You will keep your access to CALDISS’ rooms through you AAU-card, as long as you comply with the CALDISS set of rules.
  • 1.8 Your reservations of workstations, registered access to the rooms as well as enrolment in activities are being logged and will be saved in up to 3 years. These logs are only used for internal use to guarantee compliance with the set of rules as well as monitoring of activity, and will not be shared or forwarded to a 3rd party nor be used for other purposes.
  • 1.9 You may only use CALDISS’ rooms and the workstations for study- or research-related work.

  • 1.10 You must not use workstations, the installed software and the available databases for commercial use.
    When using databases you are expected to inform yourself about the rules for using the databases, download and processing of data. Infringement of the applicable rules for using a database will be regarded as an infringement of CALDISS’ set of rules.
    Be also aware of the fact that third party facilities as databases can log your activity.

  • 1.11 You must not use CALDISS’ rooms for anything other than study- or research-related purposes (rooms may not be used for staying overnight, conduct business, social arrangements, showing movies, storage or similar).

  • 1.12 You must not consume alcohol in CALDISS’ rooms.

  • 1.13 You must not consume food in room 41.

  • 1.14 By infringement by one or several of the rules in this set of rules, you are being denied access to CALDISS’ rooms and facilities in up to 12 months depending on the character of the infringements.

  • 1.15 The dean of the Faculty of Social Science at AAU reserves the right to deny you access to CALDISS’ rooms in the light of infringements or in the light of possible complaints about behavior in CALDISS’ rooms.

  • 1.16 For students an infringement of particular crude character will be reported to the relevant Head of Studies.

  • 1.17 For employees an infringement of particular crude character will be reported to the relevant manager.

Origin, background and history

The set of rules has been drafted by Kristian Gade Kjelmann August 23rd 2018.

The set of rules has been revised by Kristian Gade Kjelmann January 28th 2019.

The set of rules has been approved by the dean and pro-deans of the Faculty of Social Science at AAU at a meeting February 7th 2019. 

Purpose and delimitation

The set of rules describes politics and rules for using CALDISS’ rooms, facilities and data shared through CALDISS. 

Overall framework

Rules about disciplinary provisions for students at Aalborg University:


Code of conduct for all employees:


Instruction about the rules of data protection in relation to the area of research:


Contact and responsibility

CALDISS (Computational Analytics Laboratory for Digital Social Science), caldiss@adm.aau.dk

General manager of CALDISS Kristian Gade Kjelmann, kgk@adm.aau.dk

Concept definitions

By using the term ”CALDISS’ offices’ reference is made to Fibigerstræde 5, room 37 and 39-41, 9000 Aalborg.

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