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PhD thesis - process when submitting, Faculty of Social Sciences

Before, during and after submitting the thesis

Published: 06.03.2018 (Last revised: 30.10.2018)

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Before submitting

The author is registered/re-registered in the University staff system (scanpas) by the Department so that he/she obtains AAU login and AAU email in order to be able to upload the thesis in VBN/Pure. The author shall be visible on AAU.dk in order to have access.

About the thesis

  • The PhD thesis must contain an abstract in Danish and English (section 12 (3))[1].
  • If the thesis contains manuscripts or already published articles written in cooperation with others co-author statements about the PhD students contribution to the work must be submitted to the Doctoral School from each of the authors (section 12 (4)). Template for the co-author statement can be found on the Doctoral School website.
  • The PhD thesis can be submitted in Danish or English unless otherwise agreed and approved by the Director of the Doctoral School in connection with the enrolment (Internal Rules and regulations of the Doctoral School).


A revised thesis is evaluated in its entirety and not only on the sections adressed by the assessment committee 

The following is submitted to the Doctoral School before the thesis is uploaded

  • The Department’s recommendation of an expert assessment committee to the thesis[2] (Section 16).
  • The principal supervisor’s opinion on the PhD programme as a whole, including the completion of the individual elements of the PhD plan. (Section 14 (1)). Template “supervisor’s statement” can be found on the Doctoral School website.
  • Solemn declaration from the author that the thesis has not been previously assessed. Template can be found on the Doctoral School website.
  • Co-author statements if relevant cf. abovementioned b).

About the uploading

  • The extent of the thesis – i. e. normal pages – must be mentioned in the colophon. A normal page is 2400 characters including space. All must be included, and Word can do the counting.
  • The author corresponds directly with the publisher about the cover, text on back page, CV and photo.
  • Support in connection with layout, template and upload, please see VBN editorial office website. 
  • If the thesis is article based, the VBN editorial office must be contacted as soon as possible before upload as there are special issues in the template in this connection.

Concerning printing

  • The publisher prepares the thesis as an electronic file which is sent to the assessment committee by the Doctoral School. On approval for defence, as standard 16 copies of the thesis are printed and sent to the Department to which the PhD student is affiliated. PhD/Department secretary can make other agreements concerning the printing and/or number of copies directly with the publisher with Cc to the Doctoral School.
  • It the thesis is not approved for defence at first, but has to be revised, the first edition of the thesis is closed in Pure so that the revised version can be uploaded.

The PhD student shall send the following to the Doctoral School after submission

  • Photo for press release, preferably in jpg-format 100kb.
  • Short summary of the thesis in both Danish and English, max. 10 lines, for the annual report of the Doctoral School. Information of the thesis title in both languages.
  • Information of postal address (as registered in the National Register of Persons (if relevant)) with a view to the forwarding of the PhD diploma. Information of private email address for the invitation to the annual PhD ceremony.

[1] Sections according to the PhD Order.

[2] The committee shall be appointed among professors, full time associate professors, or others with corresponding qualifications. At least 2 of the members of the committee must be external researchers (external means outside of Aalborg University). Both genders must be represented in the committee, if this is not possible, the reason for it must be stated. The Department’s recommendation must contain title, name, institution (workplace), address, phone number and email address, short CV (link or attachment) of each of the members, both internal and external.

Purpose and delimitation

The purpose is a description of the process when submitting a PhD thesis: before, during, and after the submission.

Overall framework

The legal basis of the guidelines are the Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme at the Universities and Certain Higher Artistic Educational Institutions (PhD Order), no. 1039, of 27 August 2013, and the internal rules and regulations of the doctoral school.

Contact and responsibility

Doctoral School of Social Sciences is responsible for the guidelines, and the doctoral school can be contacted if there are questions.

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Target group

  • Det Humanistiske Fakultet
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  • Fysiske forhold
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  • Byggeri og bygningsdrift
  • Fysisk arbejdsmiljø
  • Lejemål
  • Lokaler
  • Miljø
  • Sikkerhed
  • Udendørs arealer
  • Organisation
  • Forsikring
  • GDPR
  • Journalisering
  • Strategi og udvikling
  • Styrelsesspørgsmål
  • Styrende organer
  • Personale
  • Ansættelse
  • Arbejdsmiljø
  • Barsel
  • Ferie
  • Fratrædelse
  • Internationale medarbejdere
  • Kompetenceudvikling
  • Krænkende adfærd
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  • Personalepolitik
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  • Økonomistyring
  • Uddannelse
  • Hjemmesider om uddannelse
  • Internationalisering
  • Klager dispensationer og disciplinære foranstaltninger
  • Kvalitetssikring og akkreditering
  • Optagelse orlov og udmeldelse
  • Undervisning eksamen og merit
  • IT
  • Hjemmesider
  • IT - diverse
  • IT Services
  • Scanpas-vejledninger


  • Politik
  • Procedure
  • Regel
  • Et godt råd