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Psychological counselling service

Published: 22.01.2018 (Last revised: 17.02.2020)

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Offer to all staff of psychological counselling with Dansk Krisekorps

AAU offers all staff professional assistance to clarify work-related job satisfaction issues derived from the psychosocial work environment. AAU has made an agreement with Dansk Krisekorps who will provide psychological counselling service. This shared scheme constitutes an important part of the University’s efforts to reduce problems with cooperation, stress, harassment, etc.

A typical procedure

All staff may contact Dansk Krisekorps between 09:00 and 15:00 on workdays either by telephone (+45) 70 22 76 12 or by email info@danskkrisekorps.dk

Please provide your personal details (such as name, Danish civil registration number, place of employment and contact information) when you contact Dansk Krisekorps.

After a brief introductory interview, a chief psychologist from Dansk Krisekorps will refer you to an appointment with a psychologist with qualifications to match the issues you wish to discuss and your geographical location. Subsequently, the psychologist will contact you in order to make an appointment within three workdays.  You may have up to five sessions with the psychologist, and you will be offered a tripartite meeting with the psychologist and your immediate superior. All enquiries made to Dansk Krisekorps will be treated confidentially unless other agreements have been made.

Experience shows that in such cases where your superior is involved and may provide professional support of the situation, this will considerably increase your possibility of early regained job satisfaction and work ability.  Therefore, during the counselling sessions, the psychologist will clarify the possibility of involving your workplace, or, in special circumstances, respect and understand that this may not be possible.

Another important reason for involving your superior and your workplace is that the knowledge derived from your psychological counselling, and that of your fellow colleagues, may then be utilised to improve the preventive measures at AAU aimed at reducing any problems in our psychological work environment.

After the counselling process, the HR Department will be available for assistance and guidance as regards the prevention of further job satisfaction problems.

About Dansk Krisekorps - a strong nationwide psychologist network

Dansk Krisekorps is a nationwide network of more than 400 psychologists. Psychologists Mette Nayberg and Morten Holler own and manage the corps. Dansk Krisekorps also provides the psychological counselling service at Aarhus University and is therefore already familiar with the university sector.

In order to provide psychological counselling service at Aalborg University, Dansk Krisekorps has handpicked a qualified team of psychologists specialised in occupational psychology and emergency counselling. The team consists of 22 psychologists of whom 13 are based in Aalborg, two in Esbjerg and seven in Copenhagen. All 22 psychologists are capable of conducting the counselling sessions in both Danish and English.

Data collection of counselling themes

In order to ensure a useful and ethical knowledge collection from the counselling sessions, an anonymous data collection of work-related counselling themes will be conducted from each individual course of counselling sessions.  This collection will be carried out by the staff member together with the psychologist during the concluding session.  It will include the most important job satisfaction issues of special significance for the staff member’s job satisfaction.  Examples may be heavy work pressure, unachievable demands, influence on own work, cooperation conflicts, management problems etc. It is important to point out that it will always be up to the staff member to decide which information from a confidential session with the psychologist is recounted to any third party. 

The collected data will be treated as confidential and Dansk Krisekorps will prepare  anonymised statistics for the HR Department quarterly. Once a year the Main Joint Consultation Committee and the Main Working Environment Committee at AAU will be informed of the main themes of the completed counselling sessions.

Information on tax exemption

The psychological counselling service is tax-exempt for all staff because the scheme aims at treating or preventing work-related distress or illness. In such cases where AAU grants financial aid to additional sessions (exceeding the five sessions that any staff member is entitled to), tax exemption will still apply to the additional sessions.

If a staff member receives employer-paid psychological counselling that is not aimed at preventing or treating work-related distress, this will be subject to tax. In such cases, AAU will report this amount to SKAT, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration.

Purpose and delimitation

As of 1 January 2016, Aalborg University introduced a new psychological counselling service. The psychological counselling service provides all staff with the possibility of individual psychological counselling in the case of work-related discomfort and the possibility of emergency counselling in connection with accidents, threats of assault, etc. The HR Department is responsible for the agreement with Dansk Krisekorps (the provider of psychological counselling service).

Contact and responsibility

If you have questions, please contact Helle Ejersbo, ejer@adm.aau.dk eller 9940 8391 or 2320 4342.

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