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Rules at Aalborg University

Published: 08.01.2018 (Last revised: 17.02.2020)

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The AAU holiday rules are based on the University management’s desire to promote a good working environment. Taking holidays during the work year is essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and therefore all staff members must have the opportunity to take all their accrued holidays. Moreover, the University’s holiday obligation is an important part of the budgeting process, as means are set aside to cover the holidays taken by staff members during the holiday year.

Furthermore, the University management wishes to ensure consistent administration of holiday entitlement throughout the organisation while still allowing for some degree of flexibility at the local level; thus local management must be able to handle holidays according to local conditions when this does not have an overall negative effect on the organisation.

On 19 April 2017, the following AAU rules have been discussed by AAU’s Main Joint Consultation Committee.

The University management strongly encourages all AAU staff members to take all their accrued holidays and special holidays during the holiday year. Therefore, holidays should be planned well in advance; this will allow for line managers to take into account both individual preference and operational requirements.

The holiday year runs from 1 May to 30 April. During the spring, all holidays in the upcoming holiday year must be scheduled by mutual agreement between the staff member and their manager. Unless another agreement is made during the holiday year, holidays should be taken in accordance with the agreement.

In most cases, planned holiday may be rescheduled if staff members wish to take their holiday at another time; if such requests are made in due time, the line manager can usually accommodate the request. On the other hand, managers must have a particular reason for changing a staff member’s planned holiday, and in some cases, the staff member may claim compensation in accordance with the rules in force (the Danish holiday agreement, “ferieaftalen”).

Administration and holiday request form

In January of each year, the HR department will prepare a holiday request form to be used across the organisation. In the beginning of February of each year, all departments/units will distribute the holiday request form to all staff members entitled to paid holiday; staff members are then requested to schedule their holiday for the upcoming holiday year and return the form no later than 31 March. The holiday request form must be returned to the line manager or the person responsible for holiday registration at the department/unit.

Subsequently, all holiday requests are reviewed, and the line manager informs staff members of whether their requests can be accommodated as soon as possible after 31 March.

If staff members wish to reschedule one or more of their planned holiday periods, they must inform their line manager of this in due time; please note, that staff members must give three months’ notice when rescheduling their main holiday (holiday taken between 1 May and 30 September).

In the event that staff members have neglected to include all accrued days in their holiday request form, the place of employment will give notice of when the remaining holidays must be taken according to the below holiday periods. As previously mentioned, staff members may request to change their planned holiday during the holiday year.

If staff members neglect to return their holiday request form by 31 March, the place of employment will allocate the staff member’s holiday periods for the upcoming holiday year. Staff members must receive notification of this immediately after 31 March in accordance to the notice period rules.

Planned holiday periods will be registered as soon as possible for the upcoming holiday year (in the beginning of May). 

Holiday allocation

If a staff member has not requested holiday, cf. the above, the place of employment will register holidays according to the below holiday periods in order of priority. Holiday periods will be allocated on the basis of the staff member’s holiday entitlement; thus, employers will not register holiday periods for which staff members have not accrued holiday/holiday pay (at AAU or any other Danish employer). For staff members who have accrued a full year’s holiday (25 days), the following periods will be registered:

  • Three weeks during the summer (weeks 29, 30 and 31)
  • December 27th and 30th (between Christmas and New Year)
  • Week 42 (autumn holiday)
  • Three days before Easter

Special holidays

If a staff member has not taken their special holidays, and no agreement on when they are to be taken has been reached by 1 January, the employer may schedule special holidays with one month’s notice. These days will be scheduled during the spring in accordance with the operational requirements of the unit. 

Aalborg University’s HR department will inform all departments/units of this in mid-December/the beginning of January of each year.

Contact and responsibility

If you have any questiens, please contact Stine Vestergaard, HR-department.

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